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Protest rally and March. Three years without justice. Three years of remembrance. Three years of struggle.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 AT 6 PM UTC+03, pre-assembly at 18:00 in Gladstonos str. & march at 19:00
Republished from Justice For Zak/Zackie
Art by No Budget Epics

September 21 marks three years since Zack, Zackie was brutally murdered by shop-owners and police on Gladstonos Street in front of dozens of our fellow citizens, who did nothing to stop the slaughter and prevent barbarism.

Three years passed with fabricated lies, misinformation and despoiling of Zack’s body. The rage for his loss was followed by mourning, our common shared mourning for the love they deprived us of. Our rage for impunity, for their racist hatred, for their cover-up efforts, for the three-year, disproportionate delay remains, and as time goes on it festers.

Zack, a proud member of the LGBTQI community, HIV-positive, genderqueer, drag queen, antifascist and human rights activist, was killed by everything he fought for while he was alive. From the social fascistization of next door, from racism, homophobia, institutional violence and social apathy. The first death came from the hands of the murderers, the second from the silence of the crowd and the third from the grave robbery of the media with false news. Zack was killed three times. And  is being murdered for three years now, as long as Justice administration  is torturously delayed.

From the first day we went out together in the streets that he loved to shout for the injustice he suffered and to defend in his name, in her name, our own lives, our safety, our bodies. To claim our right to exist without fear and shame, our right to love.

As long as we are on the streets defending his memory, cover-ups, delays and mud can not dim Zack’s glow. As thousands walk together, as our voices are raised together, claiming justice, as we draw strength from each other, the horror will subside and Zackie’s stardust will show us the way. Last October, we hugged with relief in the crowded streets of Athens, hearing the verdict for the Nazis of the criminal gang. This September, we gratefully take the baton from this fight and move on to the next one.
Three years later, all the killers – owners and police officers – are free and unhinderedly spreading their racist poison.

The answer to hatred, we will give it together on the street.


Pre-assembly at 18:00 in Gladstonos str.
A march to Syntagma will follow at 19:00

Sexist, transgressive, authoritarian, homophobic, transphobic, interphobic behaviors will not be accepted.
We all want to feel safe in mobilization. That’s why we urge you to wear masks in which you will write your own message about Zack. We keep our distance by protecting our most vulnerable comrades. We also avoid disposable plastics and collect our cigarette butts. Whatever glitter you bring, we urge it to be biodegradable so as not to pollute the aquifer and the environment with destructive microplastics.

Justice For Zak/Zackie
OLKE (Gay and Lesbian Community of Greece)
Rainbow Families
Thessaloniki Pride
Color Youth – LGBTQ Community of Athens
Proud Seniors Greece (LGBTQ support group for people aged 50 and over)
Rainbow School
Proud Parents
LGBT disabled
Intersex Greece – Hellenic Intersex Community
Orlando LGBT +
Rainbow Seniors

The list is being updated. Please send us the participation of your organizations / collectives.


Το εικαστικό είναι του No Budget Epics