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Prohibition of intersex genital mutilation (IGM) procedures on intersex children 

Brief explanatory analyses of Articles 17 to 20 (Law 4958/2022) so that they can better support the rights of intersex children.

A Historic Day for the Protection of the Human Rights of Intersex Children in Greece

GREECE bans IGM surgeries that used to be performed on intersex minors

The testimonies of intersex people are shocking: "Historic moment if the bill is passed"

According to the bill, medical interventions to change the sex characteristics of intersex people before the age of 15 are now prohibited.

UN FREE & EQUAL Fact sheet: Intersex

Because their bodies are seen as different, intersex children and adults are often stigmatized and subjected to multiple human rights violations, including violations of their rights to health and physical integrity, to be free from torture and ill-treatment, and to equality and nondiscrimination.