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Prohibition of intersex genital mutilation (IGM) procedures on intersex children 

Brief explanatory analyses of Articles 17 to 20 (Law 4958/2022) so that they can better support the rights of intersex children.

A Historic Day for the Protection of the Human Rights of Intersex Children in Greece

GREECE bans IGM surgeries that used to be performed on intersex minors

The testimonies of intersex people are shocking: "Historic moment if the bill is passed"

According to the bill, medical interventions to change the sex characteristics of intersex people before the age of 15 are now prohibited.

Rainbow School and the Moving Forward Campaign for Comprehensive & Inclusive Sex-Education

Rainbow School, with the support of the Council of Europe, organizes a campaign, asking all the Organizations of Civil Society, and individuals who comprehends the benefits and the necessity of sex education, to sign this text and to contribute to the campaign Moving Forward!

“What We Wish” Brochure Series by Intersex Youth

The What We Wish brochure series tells the public what intersex people wish others in their lives knew.

Happy Intersex Awareness Day!

My name is Ori and I am 14 and in 9th grade. I identify as intersex, trans and non binary. My pronouns are they/them.

This Girl Has Balls!

Are you male or female? This seems to be a simple question, but drawing on her personal experience and research in the intersex community, Georgiann Davis tells us why it isn't.

8 Things You Only Know If You Are Born Intersex

Do you know what it means to be born intersex? The experiences and lives of intersex people are diverse, but here are some lessons this author has learned that everyone should know about.

The wonderfully diverse spectrum of biological sex: Intersex children and unconditional love

Intersex children need what every child needs: unconditional love, visibility, inclusion and support for their psychosomatic integrity. For a world that will contain us all, without discrimination and gender-based violence.

7 Tips for parents of intersex children

I am writing to offer some basic advice to the parents of intersex children... I was born in Mexico City 30 years ago. I was born with what doctors call "ambiguous genitals"...