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Tag: Klinefelter

UN High-Commissioner for intersex rights

Intersex: When binary notions simply don’t fit

For the scientific community, gender is usually associated with one’s sex and therefore the presence of X and Y chromosomes. However, XX and XY chromosomes are not that simple. There are cases where neither sex organs nor the presence of sex chromosomes dictate sex.

Just an XXY/Intersex Kind of Guy

First published in The XXY source:  Just an XXY/Intersex Kind of Guy I am just an XXY/Intersex kind of guy. It’s true. I have a tee shirt and photos to prove it. I marched in the Pride parade. I came out. Thus, it must be so. So what is

Interview: Lakis Kandyllis

Today (October 26) is dedicated to intersex visibility. A day especially important if one considers that intersex people in our country do not “enjoy” any rights nor any protection. The interview you will read is not an easy one.