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Intersex Awareness Day, October 26th

Today it is Intersex Awareness Day…

And many of us, intersex people living in Greece, wish we were out there celebrating our own Rights’ Day and talking to you about them, in public and openly… The horror of exposure , however, hasn’t allowed us to do so… Not yet, at least…

You see, we’re still suffering from the stigma that ignorance brings. We are out there, with you, every day, walking beside you, sitting next to you, working or studying with you.

You can meet us everywhere, but we move quietly, usually in the shadows.

Invisible. This is what we have been taught to do, to be afraid and feel ashamed of our own existence.

Don’t seek to identify us. You won’t make it.

And the reason is that we are no different from you.

We are everyday people, just born with few natural variations in our sex characteristics.

Nevertheless, our life is different from yours.

Through this video, you can get just a small taste of what many of us have had to go through, what we have survived, how most of us live.

Our request is nothing more than the exercise of our human rights, and in this we need your help!

We are here, we are real, we are together. Intersex Greece is our voice! Please listen to it.

Thank you in advance for all your future contributions to our struggles!


Watch the video

Content warning: The video contains material related with interphobia and may be triggering to some audiences.


In the video we have collected and presented, through Pan Pan’s illustrations, the harsh attitudes and perceptions that intersex people face at various stages of their life.

The video was created with the support of ILGA-Europe and is part of the awareness campaign on the situation and the rights of intersex people in Greece.

The research “Hate speech against intersex people in Greece” conducted by Intersex Greece will soon be published and available online (Greek & English).

Video Script: Intersex Greece
Illustration: Panayiotis Pantazis
Editing: Dimitris Zivopoulos
Editing – Production: Melpomeni Maragkidou