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“What We Wish” Brochure Series by Intersex Youth

InterACT’s staff and intersex Youth write brochures and other educational materials. The What We Wish brochure series tells the public what intersex people wish others in their lives knew. These resources are free to use for educators. 


What we wish our teachers knew



Educators play an important role in young people’s lives and have the ability to ensure that students feel respected, heard, and seen for who they are. Making them feel safe, understood, and included can go a long way towards building self-esteem and lifelong happiness.

This brochure is the 4th in a series created by members of interACT Youth
and informed by their personal experiences. 


What we wish our parents knew

As guardians, your decisions affect our destinies.
Remember, each child is unique and will have different ways of coping.
Be prepared to give us multiple forms of support during our 


interACT Youth is a space for intersex youth to raise their voices,
share their 
stories, and change the world.


What we wish our doctors knew



“After many years of complications, I was referred to a doctor who was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She cared for me. She would sit with me for an hour and just talk… What was I feeling? What did I want? What worked and what didn’t? Because she took the time to get to know me, it made all the difference in the world.”
 – Monica, age 26





What we wish our friends knew



Many intersex kids feel shame from negative experiences at doctors’ offices, possible surgeries, secrecy,
and even reactions from friends and family.
This can make it hard to share our stories, but we’re working to change that!

Educating our friends is important to create a world where intersex kids are free to be their true, authentic selves.