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Published on: Press Releases

Press Release for the 1st Public Event for Intersex Human Rights in Greece

Press Release for the 1st Public Event for Intersex Human Rights in Greece

“Intersex Rights and Claims in Greece”

The first public event for Intersex Rights and Claims in Greece will take place online on Wednesday 9/6 at 7 pm.
The event is organized by Intersex Greece with the support of OII Europe. Intersex Greece (Greek Intersex Community), is a nationwide intersex-led collective that fights for visibility, support and the human rights of intersex people in Greece. In the last year, with the constant support of OII-Europe and the expansion of its members, the collective is preparing to become an institutional organisation (association).

As Athens Pride starts, it is the right time to create visibility for intersex people in Greece and the issues they face on a social and legal level. The event is online and does not require registration.

To connect simply click on the link: There will be interpretation in sign language, and also in English.

Program Speakers:

  • Irene Kuzemko, OII Europe
  • Rinio Symeonidou, Co-founder of Intersex Greece
  • Lakis Kandylis, Co-founder of Intersex Greece
  • Lina Papadopoulou, Associate Professor, Law, AUTh
  • Nikoletta Pikramenou, PhD in Law, AUTh, Intersex Greece

Coordinator: Fotini Kokkinaki, Journalist, General Secretary of EEDA


  • Rainbow School
  • Marina Galanou, President, Transgender Support Association (SYD)
  • Color Youth
  • Dimitra Kogkidou, Professor, Chair of the Gender Equality Committee of AUTh and coordinator of the Network of Gender Equality Committees of HEIs
  • Dimitra Tzanaki, PhD in History, University of Oxford, postdoctoral researcher-department Of Political Science & Public Administration EKPA